Watering Instructions For New Turf




Initial watering is essential.

In order for your grass to survive it must be watered as soon as possible after installation. The survival rate
Of newly planted grass decreases in direct correlation with the amount of time that passes between installation
And the first watering.
Alltex recommends watering within 30 minutes of installation. This is a must when temperatures are above 75 degrees.
A prompt initial watering is essential for new grass to survive.
Subsequent watering is also very important.

For the first two weeks after installation the roots of your new grass and the soil directly beneath it must be kept
Moist at all times but NOT soggy. This is best accomplished by watering periodically throughout the day.
5-7 minutes of watering 5-7 times per day is optimal with the last watering by 6pm to avoid fungus and disease.


Continuing watering.

By the 3rd week you may back off of watering to once daily.

By the 4th week the grass should have developed roots and can be watered 2-3 times per week.

After the 4th week your new grass should be rooted and established. At this point you should reverse the your
Watering routine from frequent short watering to infrequent but deep watering approximately once a week.
This will encourage your grass to develop deep roots increasing its drought tolerance.


All grasses are susceptible to fungus and disease especially those planted in deep shade or those that are
Over watered. Plant your grass in areas that receive adequate sun and avoid watering late in the evenings
To help avoid the risk of fungus and disease.
Grass is at a higher risk during the Spring and Fall when temps are cooler and grasses are not dormant.